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How to Combat Math Anxiety with Hands-On Learning

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”
- attributed to Benjamin Franklin

An estimated 50 percent of adults suffer from math anxiety and research indicates that discomfort with numbers can begin as early as first grade. Students who have not experienced success in traditional educational settings exhibit math anxiety frequently — creating a regular challenge at Rock Point School. Let's explore the hands-on approach used by our math department to build confidence by doing.

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How to Choose the Right College for the Best Future You

In 20 years of helping students explore college options and work on applications, I’ve seen, heard and learned a lot about what colleges want. What gets ignored too often is the question of what you––the student who is going to go to college––want.

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The Rise of Zines for Interdisciplinary and Experiential Learning

During our electives classes at Rock Point, students get a chance to learn and practice skills that go beyond traditional academics. Playwriting, photography, makerspace, and stained glass are regular offerings during this 45-minute morning class. Students produce beautiful creative work, learn new skills, and experience the process of executing an idea. Two years ago, we added a new course to the electives roster, zines.

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