Head of School’s Welcome


C.J.A Message from C.J. Spirito, Head of School

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Rock Point School. I invite you to explore our website and learn more about our unique and supportive school culture, our creative approach to academics, our exceptional dorm program, our fun school traditions, and our incredible faculty, staff, and students.

Our campus is located on the beautiful Rock Point sanctuary in Burlington. In addition to the lakeshore and trails we enjoy, our historic school building sits on a very unusual foundation: geologists from all over the world visit Rock Point to see the Overthrust, an area where the sequence of the rock layers is altered and unusual. Typically, the 500 million-year-old dolostone would be hidden beneath the 460 million-year-old shale, but at the Overthrust, both rock varieties are there for us to see and appreciate. A student’s journey at Rock Point is much like the features of the Overthrust. When a student first arrives, we see only the top layer, but in time, the student is transformed, and we can see so much more. 

Our staff has incredible talents to connect with each young person who comes through our doors, to challenge each student to be vulnerable and courageous in order to address their challenges, achieve their goals, and to share their unique features and histories with the people around them. With time, patience, and support from our community, the student’s layers are not buried under each other but revealed to be as dynamic as dolostone, as strong as shale, as unique as the Overthrust, and precious to all of us. 

Rock Point School has always been a special place for me. I arrived here 30 years ago as a dorm parent and have worn many hats since those early days. So much has changed during my time, but our bedrock has always been our community: our exceptional students and our dedicated faculty and staff, working together to build relationships, a culture of kindness, and new opportunities for the young people we meet year after year. 

I am proud to report that in 2023 we have made significant progress with our 2021-24 Strategic Plan.  Enrollment has grown, we have completed the next set of building enhancements, and our community of donors continues to generously support the school, as you can see in our 2021-2022 Annual Report.  As we head toward our 100th anniversary (2029), Rock Point School can look back and honor the many students, families, and staff who have created this special institution, and we look forward to continuing to offer our distinctive support and enrichment for students and families in the future.

It is my great privilege to lead Rock Point School, and I could not be more proud of this special place. I invite you to schedule a visit or join us for one of our community events. I look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,

C.J. Spirito
Head of School

Our students bring life and energy to the Rock Point School. Our staff brings commitment and heart. And our parents bring hope and courage. Collaborating with all the people in this community brings a sense of purpose to our days and provides a meaningful springboard into the adventures that are ahead. It is a joy and a gift to lead Rock Point School into uncharted waters together.”

-C.J. Spirito