Healthy Living and Wellness

In our face-paced world, taking care of oneself can seem complex, but we prioritize teaching and checking in with students about the basics of self-care: getting enough exercise, getting enough rest, paying attention to nutrition, and having healthy ways to relax and de-stress. This is done in formal and informal ways, from providing nutritious food options at meals to specific classes dedicated to helping students form healthy habits.


One afternoon a week, our Residential Educators host Life Skills class. As part of this class, students will learn about wellness, develop critical thinking skills around health issues, attend talks and workshops, and absorb information that they can use for years to come. Teenagers have to make daily decisions (about nutrition, relationships, and more) that affect their health and their sense of themselves. Life Skills class, in addition to all of the formal and informal mentoring in the school program, helps them become more educated decision-makers, now and in the future.

Each student also has an advisor who regularly checks in on how they are taking care of themselves. Advisors help students with everything from acquiring basic skills such as doing laundry to navigating complexities in friendships.

Staying Physically Active

It is so important for our bodies to move on a regular basis.  We offer many activities to keep a healthy body and mind. In the morning elective period, yoga class is an option that many students appreciate as a way to start their day focused and energized. We run sports classes four days a week from 3:45pm to 5:00pm. Students choose between a walk or hike, and something more active such as basketball, soccer, hockey, dodgeball, sledding, snowshoeing, or frisbee.  In the winter months, students workout at the local YMCA four days a week. Everyone is encouraged to participate, try new activities, and adopt some new healthy activities.

Outside of our weekday schedule, we offer many more opportunities to get out and enjoy the beauties of Vermont. On weekends, there are often options for students to go biking, skiing, or hiking. Our campus is 130 acres, with lots of hiking trails and several lakefront beaches, giving lots of options for on-campus outdoor activities. During the winter months, a cross country ski trail is available. We also offer students one weekday of night skiing/ riding and one day on the weekend to ski/ ride at local mountains. One of our goals at Rock Point is to help students make being active a habit – and a fun one!

Here is a video of a couple of students who designed a ski/snowboard jump in our backyard as a way to get in a few runs in between classes.