Philosophy and Mission

Mission Statement

graduation photoRock Point School provides a close-knit, supportive educational community, where high school and postgraduate students who have experienced challenges can become successful academically, build self-confidence, and develop skills for their future. Rock Point School offers academic, cultural, recreational, and spiritual opportunities that support intellectual growth and help students become their best selves.

At Rock Point School, we believe…

All young people yearn to become their best selves.

Time and again, we have observed how, given the right environment, students grow in the direction of their natural desire to do well. They make academic progress, contribute to the community, and develop healthy relationships. We view students as whole, unique people, and we focus on their positive qualities and help them see their strengths. Because we celebrate students’ success and potential, they grow to see themselves for the good, whole people they are. As they develop their skills and confidence, they come to believe in their ability to create joyful, meaningful lives for themselves.

Strong relationships build strong character.

Our staff and our students work together, learn together, clean together, and play together. In all of these facets, our staff builds honest and genuine relationships with students. We get to know our students for who they are, and they get to know us as real and caring people in their lives. Students are encouraged to open up to staff about their struggles, and to speak up when something bothers them. Rock Point students feel that they are truly known, which allows them to take risks and make progress.

An inclusive community benefits all its members.

Rock Point is a small school, and a wonderful place for students to learn about belonging to a community. Everyone has an active role in creating our environment. With so many opportunities for inclusion and leadership, all of our students find that they are an important part of life at Rock Point. They learn to communicate, take responsibility for themselves, initiate activities, and contribute. Even our quietest students find their voice, and they learn that their community wants to hear it.

Students thrive with the appropriate level of challenge.

Though Rock Point is an exceptionally supportive and loving community, we know that students need firm boundaries and challenges in order to grow. Once students have found their footing at Rock Point, we give them opportunities to leave their comfort zone. Their time here is never stagnant, but a slow and steady trajectory. Students know that a caring community supports them, which allows them to take small steps, and accept new challenges. This balance of support and challenge allows students to successfully launch from Rock Point into the next exciting chapters of their lives.


A Rock Point education is a gift. Our son attended Rock Point School for four years. This is a place where they will know your child.

~ Parent