No matter if you love math or struggle with it, our math classes can help you advance your math skills to the next level. The math program at Rock Point School aims to enhance students’ problem-solving skills and confidence in working with math concepts.  We offer instruction across all levels, from basic math skills to advanced math.  So, whether your goal is to learn math that underlies engineering and computer programming, or whether you just want to be able to not dread a math class for once, you can enjoy our math program. We teach all levels of math from pre-algebra to calculus.


The overall goals of the math program are to develop and enhance problem-solving and inquiry-based learning through math and logic.  Our math classes are college preparatory courses, with instruction for students who need help with basic math skills, and/or consumer math skills. We offer math SAT preparation within the math program.

In math classes, students may work on different levels and at various paces. Students spend small-group or individual time with a teacher or tutor for instruction based on their needs. We focus on quality over quantity, so students are assigned work to help them demonstrate and advance their comprehension, rather than to fill a notebook. Assignments are tailored to students’ pace and abilities, challenging students to learn mathematical concepts and progress in their ability to work.

The goals of our math program are to:

  • use different approaches to problem solving
  • use a variety of resources (text, notes, teacher, etc.) to increase understanding
  • make connections between math and the world around us
  • become more comfortable and confident with the language of mathematics