Post Grad Year at RPS


Not everyone is ready to move on to college or other independent living options. Rock Point offers a full experience to students who have never attended Rock Point School and have just graduated from high school, but could use another year to strengthen their academic and personal skills. College admissions professionals tell us time and again that they look favorably on a strong PG year performance, as it is a reliable indicator of strong performance in college.

PG students:

  • attend our senior classes
  • strengthen their reading, writing, math, time-management, organizational and study skills
  • participate in community service
  • take trips
  • create art
  • exercise
  • take healthy risks
  • make friends
  • perhaps try a college class or participate in an internship or job.

They also participate in our college-planning seminar: a guided process for students and families to help with college preparation, including individual help on applications.

PG students benefit from being part of a tight-knit community with strong values focused on honesty, accountability, care for self, and care for others. They will develop leadership and self-advocacy skills, as well as a sense of increased confidence, maturity, and responsibility. Students will experience a greater awareness of what is real and good inside themselves, and feel better prepared to move on to the next part of their journey.

To apply, please follow the general application process.