Dogs of Rock Point School

The dogs of Rock Point School are beloved members of our school community and, sometimes, they are are the first representative from our school that a new student meets when they visit our campus:


Bebe, Art Room Assistant

The infamous Art Dog has been coming to Rock Point since she was a puppy. Bebe (short for Baby Boo) is a lab and blue heeler mix who was born on a ranch in California and then flown to Vermont in 2013 after Jeannie saw her picture and knew she had to have her. BeBe has a deep love for fetch, tracking the squirrel population through the windows, howling the Happy Birthday song, and she has inspired countless student art projects including a pair of mittens, a doll, and a photo collage of BeBe riding a surfboard. 

Bumby, Math Tutor

Bumby, Math Tutor

Bumby, named after Ernest Hemingway's son, is our youngest staff member. He works in the math room, helping students destress and learn how many treats are too many for a puppy. Bumby loves taking long walks, chewing on sticks, and will be your best friend if you give him snuggles. Although he is a baby, Bumby is an old soul with really soft ears.

dachshund running

Hazel, Resident Assistant

Hazel is a dachshund mix that Lucia (Residential Educator) rescued in 2019 from the central valley of California. She was found in the desert, taking care of 5 puppies all on her own. Hazel is super sweet and prefers to lay on the couch all day. We have no idea how old she is but she definitely has an elderly soul. She loves to lick empty peanut butter jars and nestle under blankets. 

Chihuahua in the grass

Libby, Marketing Assistant

Libby is a rescue chihuahua who works in the marketing department. After living on the streets in South Carolina, she was adopted and moved to Vermont. She enjoys sitting on Molly's lap during meetings, trying to walk on her laptop while she types, and being near other dogs, but not playing with them. Libby mostly hangs out in the back office and loves hiking around the trails on campus. She does not like cold weather.


Leo, Marketing Assistant

Leo was adopted as a puppy in January 2022. Although he came from South Carolina, he quickly learned to love the snow. He's a little shy with most people, but loves other dogs and is a very playful guy. He's still learning the ropes in the marketing department and loves participating in Zoom meetings by barking until Molly gives him a bone to chew.