Dogs of Rock Point School

The dogs of Rock Point School are beloved members of our school community and, sometimes, they are are the first representative from our school that a new student meets when they visit our campus:


Bosley, Admissions Team

Bosley, a poodle/stuffed animal mix, was recruited to join the admissions team in 2007 when Hillary and her family adopted him at age 2 from a sweet animal shelter in Morrisville, VT. On any given day, Bosley can be found supervising staff in the front office, welcoming guests, entertaining students, and performing quality control checks on the treats offered by Rock Point’s mail carriers.

Bode and Luka

Luka and Bode, Residential Educators

This dynamic duo of border collie brothers arrived at Rock Point with Collin and his wife, Kate, around 2013 and can often be found spicing up our Sports classes and denying the laws of physics with their frisbee-catching feats and long-distance lake dives. Bode and Luka have endless love to give to all of us and in exchange, they only ask that you please throw the ball again. 

bebe and eszie

BeBe and Eszie, Art Room Assistants 

The infamous Art Dogs have been coming to Rock Point since they were puppies. Eszie, 12, is a german shorthaired pointer and lab mix and Jeannie’s perfect match. She was rescued from Arkansas and fostered in Maine before coming home to Vermont. Bebe (short for Baby Boo),  7, is a lab and blue heeler mix who was born on a ranch in California and then flown to Vermont after Jeannie saw her picture and knew she had to have her. BeBe and Eszie share a deep love for fetch, tracking the squirrel population through the windows, howling the Happy Birthday song, and they have inspired countless student art projects including a pair of mittens, a doll, and a photo collage of BeBe riding a surfboard. 


Zola, Assistant College Counselor

Zola originally hails from Darlington, South Carolina and came to Vermont (and to Emily’s home) by way of Long Trail Canine Rescue in 2015. Zola’s passions include squirrels, her best friend the cat, and using her non-verbal powers of persuasion (those eyes!) to convince anyone to give her an extra treat. If you sit down anywhere near her, you can be sure she’ll plop down next to you, extend her southern hospitality, and give you the chance to pet her.

little foot the cat

Little Foot, Residential Educator

Little Foot knows he is not a dog and would like it on the record that this page title is exclusionary. Little Foot was adopted in 2017 and has lived in the dorm ever since. He enjoys climbing trees (although he knows he's not supposed to), selective snuggling, and wearing costumes.