Our Students


“Rock Point School students are super welcoming, very open, and overall funny. Humor is a big part of Rock Point. I am really close with other students here and I think of them as family. They are people I want to be around, regardless of the fact that we have to spend all our time together.” - Current Student

Rock Point School students are creative, self-aware young people who have found themselves off track personally and/or academically and are ready to make positive changes to build fulfilling, healthy lives.

Our students come from all over the country and from a wide range of backgrounds. Many choose Rock Point School after becoming disillusioned with large, impersonal high schools. Some come to strengthen their skills for living harmoniously with others.

When students arrive at Rock Point School, what they have in common is their desire to grow, despite apprehension about facing the challenge of looking at themselves honestly, learning to love what is good and improve what needs improving.

When students graduate from Rock Point School, what they have in common is new found self-confidence, positive direction for the next phase of their lives, and a clearer sense of what is real and good inside themselves.

“Rock Point Students are very diverse. They come from many different backgrounds and everyone brings different experiences. That is what makes the community strong.”  - RPS Graduate

Our Community

Rock Point School attracts students who want to know, and share, what is good in themselves. Year after year, we have courageous adolescents and young adults who come to the school to learn, and share, and grow. Our biggest resource as a school is our human resource, our community of students and staff.

The school is known for its unique educational program, but what truly makes Rock Point unique is the students. They become the stewards of Rock Point School. They support each other when things are hard. When the community, or an individual, faces hardships, our students learn how to facilitate conversations around these topics at the weekly community meeting. Students share their love and frustrations. They learn to speak up, to hear others’ thoughts, and to see that solutions are as available as problems. The entire community––staff and students––challenge themselves to understand and embody responsibility, honesty, generosity, and respect for others. Teachers and dorm staff are here to help students learn, grow, and succeed.

Below, check out a video created by Champlain College Senior, Charles Dalgleish, for his course work in Communications. The video attempts to capture some of the Rock Point School dorm life and community. Thanks to Charlie and the Rock Point School students who spoke off-the-cuff with him for this project!