Profiles of Rock Point School Students

When students arrive at Rock Point, what they have in common is their desire to grow, despite apprehension about facing the challenge of looking at themselves honestly.



Age: 16 | Vermont | Came to Rock Point School as a 9th grader

“I had to learn how to be by myself instead of trying to fit in. I really got to be myself here. Sometimes we get annoyed with each other, but we learn how to be together.

Being here will be the best four years of your life. The school has so much love and support for students. You never feel alone.

I love knowing that when I leave here, I have become my best self.”



Age: 18 | Florida | Came to Rock Point School as an 11th grader

“What has been most memorable for me at Rock Point is making friends. I now have a second family and they will always be there for me. I now have another home.

I have learned new levels of patience and I have learned to be more empathetic. I wouldn’t have gotten that anywhere else.

I now have picked up my life and put it together and I am going to a college that will give me the best degree for my dream job.”



Age: 18 | North Carolina | Came to Rock Point School as a 10th grader

“Being around people here everyday has made me more comfortable out in the real world. Now I am going to college. I don’t think I would have even been able to deal with the thought of college when I first got to Rock Point.

I learned to not give up. Rock Point has encouraged me to keep trying. Rock Point has given me a purpose and it has shown me that I should keep trying every single day!

Getting to know people has been the best thing that could ever happen to me.”