COVID-19 Protection Planning for Current and Prospective Families and Students

Last updated 08/16/21

Rock Point School is committed to opening in-person for the 21-22 school year! Last year, we had no positive cases on campus and we were able to stay fully open all year. We are thankful that the State of Vermont has done a wonderful job with the vaccine roll-out and we have been able to vaccinate all of our staff and eligible students.

With widespread vaccinations, Vermont enjoys one of the lowest rates of positive coronavirus cases in the nation. Due to the recent surge of the Delta variant nationwide, we are monitoring the situation and creating plans to be as safe as possible at school. We will continue to follow all the state and the CDC’s recommendations and, as we all know, the guidelines for best practices are evolving so we will adapt our plans as recommendations change. 

Visitors to campus

At this time, we are able to host admissions visitors who have been vaccinated for tours and interviews in the school building. Prospective students and family members who are unvaccinated are welcome to plan an outdoor visit and interview. All visitors to campus are required to wear masks.

Before students arrive

We strongly encourage students to get vaccinated, which they can do in Vermont if they cannot in their home state. All community members (staff and students) regardless of vaccination status should have a COVID test and be able to show their negative results before they join the school. At this time, students traveling to Vermont from out of state no longer need to quarantine before they arrive. Here are the details from the Vermont Department of Health regarding traveling to Vermont from out of state.


Once boarding students are on campus and have a negative test and are fully vaccinated, they will be considered a household among themselves. This means that our boarding students will not need to socially distance from each other, will be able to take off their masks when they are only with each other, and will be able to have meals together. Our activity planning prioritizes safety and is very creative so that we can avoid crowds and indoor spaces as much as possible. We will use the boarding school guidelines provided by the Vermont Agency of Education to determine our activities and programming.

Throughout the year, we will regularly take students and staff for COVID testing as needed.

Day Students

Day students, like staff, will be expected to wear a mask and remain six feet apart from boarding students and staff members as best they can throughout the school day. We will be following the guidelines from the Vermont Agency of Education.

Dorm Rooms and Classrooms

We redesigned our classrooms based on the physical distancing guidelines for classrooms.  For larger classes, we are using bigger spaces such as the library, the computer lab, the chapel, and the dining room.  This allows for more distance between students and staff, as well as more air circulation. 

Cleaning and disinfecting procedures

Hygiene and cleaning procedures will be posted in each room of the school building. Students also participated in training to keep shared spaces clean as well as important practices regarding personal hygiene and staying safe from COVID-19. Students will continue to participate in work crews by organizing and cleaning. Staff and professional cleaners are responsible for the sanitizing of the school building.

In response to a positive COVID test

If a boarding student needs to be isolated due to a positive test, we will house them in a private area. Rock Point School has access to housing on campus nearby. Staff will take care of boarding students that need to be isolated. We will work with parents on a plan that is the most effective and comforting to the family. 

Covid-19 Resources

The U.S. COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index (CCVI) from Surgo Foundation

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization