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How to Choose the Right College for the Best Future You

In 20 years of helping students explore college options and work on applications, I’ve seen, heard and learned a lot about what colleges want. What gets ignored too often is the question of what you––the student who is going to go to college––want.

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Helping Teens Transition After Therapeutic Programs

Wilderness and therapeutic programs can be a significant resource for some teens and families. These programs provide a safe and structured environment where young people can work through a crisis point, address behaviors that are harmful, and gain emotional and social skills that will allow them to flourish. Because many of these programs are designed for short term treatment, families and educational consultants can be left searching for the right “next place” for their teenagers.

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How to Reduce Teen Back-to-School Anxiety

As they move into “back to school” season, teens may be experiencing lots of anxiety around school work, schedules, friendships, and activities. They have to negotiate new teachers, try-outs for activities, and navigate new social situations. Many teens are going from a relatively relaxing summer to a highly scheduled school year and they simply may be out of “shape” for the transition back to school.

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