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How to Help Teens Plan a Better Summer 2021

on April 8, 2021 By Molly Huddle Coffey | transitions summer
It’s officially spring, which means summer is right around the corner. As more people get vaccinated and overall immunity to COVID-19 increases, there are a few more safe options for teens this summer than last summer … but that isn’t saying much. At this point, many teenagers will not be eligible for the vaccine before the end of the summer, and it will still be important to continue to take precautions. But it’s critical for all of us, and especially the teens among us, to have a fun and safe summer. For young adults, summer offers a much-needed break from the stress of academics and the opportunity to gain new experiences that may help in the future.
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How to Help Teens Beat the Winter Blues

on January 21, 2021 By Molly Huddle Coffey |
As temperatures drop, and the days grow darker, it can be a challenge to keep young people busy and engaged in healthy activities. Without the constant doses of sunshine and fresh air, teens are more likely to become restless, sluggish, and even depressed. Living with the realities of COVID-19, and the limitations it puts on what we can safely do together, the winter may be even more challenging. Every year, our staff members are thoughtful about how to keep things lively and active during the long Vermont winter. This year, we’ve been even more focused on finding creative ways to engage our students, while limiting our exposure to indoor public spaces.
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The Value of Play for Teenagers

In the field of education, there has been a lot of research about the benefits of play-based education for preschool and elementary school students. It is accepted that young children learn everything from social skills to reasoning to math through play. As students get older, however, the benefits of play are emphasized less and academic pressure increases. But for high school students, play can be just as valuable to their learning as it is for elementary school learners.
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Summer Planning for Teenagers

This time of year, many of our students and families are planning for the summer. As the weather warms up, our students are already anticipating sunny summer days with fewer responsibilities and the possibility of sleeping in. While having time to relax and to take a break from the rigors of the school year is important, we also know that having some kind of structure in place during the summer helps keep our students on track to be successful in the following school year.
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