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Jean Waltz

Jeannie has been teaching art and art history at Rock Point School since 2000, introducing her students to prominent artists with colorful lives, and incorporates hands-on art assignments, emulating that period in art history. A self-proclaimed retro home and fashion aficionado, she also spearheads the set, props, and costumes for the annual play.

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Art in the time of Quarantine

on April 9, 2020 By Jean Waltz | academics COVID-19
The art room has been known to be a place where students open up and want to talk. Maybe it’s because while working with their hands students’ thoughts go on autopilot and they seamlessly feel comfortable sharing. Maybe they feel empowered or, in the very least, reassured in hearing about artists who found success while questioning social norms. Maybe it’s because during the creative process we actually work closely. Maybe safely sharing “personal space” is a catalyst for why the art room has emerged as a place that’s “safe” in every sense of the word.
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