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Abbey Baker

Abbey has been teaching and tutoring English and writing at Rock Point for more than 12 years. Over the years, she has enjoyed developing the Visiting Writer Series, running the school's Gender & Sexual Alliance, working with the Vermont Young Playwrights' program, and launching a zine-making elective for students to publish and showcase their creative work. Outside of school, she loves spending time with family, exploring Burlington, and trying to keep up with her students' pop culture recommendations.

Recent Posts

Gender & Sexuality Alliance Conference Nov. 17th

on November 18, 2021 By Abbey Baker | Open & Inclusive
Rock Point School's Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) provides a space for students to discuss identity, belonging, community, activism, and more. Every week, we gather and hold a student-facilitated meeting that focuses on any relevant topics students want to discuss and address. We make crafts, eat snacks, and generally support each other in finding our ways with regard to gender, sexuality, and more. 
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Inventor Day 2021

on May 17, 2021 By Abbey Baker | Motivation
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Research Projects: Pandemics and Virology

on February 19, 2021 By Abbey Baker | high school academics
This winter, our English and Science teachers teamed up to guide students through a research and writing unit about the nature of viruses and pandemics. Our students have learned so much first-hand this year about pandemics; we decided to present them with the scientific and historical context and have it culminate in a project of their own creation. In Science classes, students learned the basic science behind how viruses work and some information about historical viruses that have caused pandemics. We studied several types of writing and communication in English class, including narratives, infographics, and persuasive writing. Students then chose a specific topic within virology and pandemics, and dove into a research project. 
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Anti-Racism Programming at Rock Point School

on February 17, 2021 By Abbey Baker | Open & Inclusive community
This fall, staff members participated in the Point Made Learning program called “Look Deeper: Race” as part of our professional development. Over the course of the six-week training, teachers and residential educators met weekly to discuss our responses to the film and to try to build a common understanding of racism, anti-racism work, and how we can incorporate the learning and ideas into our work with students. We were excited to bring students into this program this winter.
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Goodbye, Summer Session!

on August 25, 2020 By Abbey Baker | summer
Our first ever Remote Summer Session ended on August 13th. We are happy to say that even in the virtual world we were able to have fun, laugh a lot, play games, make connections, and even get some credit-earning academic work done.
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FAQ about Distance Learning at RPS

on April 10, 2020 By Abbey Baker | transitions academics COVID-19
We are all new to Distance Learning and there has been a certain amount of trial and error to the process. We wanted to share these answers to Frequently Asked Questions about how we are teaching our students remotely in hopes that it will help people invision what is now becoming the norm across the country for this school year. 
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Creating Inclusive School Communities

On our first day back from winter break, Victoria Pearson, the Statewide Youth Organizer from Outright Vermont, came to work with students about creating inclusive school communities. Victoria described ways in which LGBTQ+ students are vulnerable to struggling in schools, and helped us discuss ways we can all be more aware and more inclusive. We discussed our own experiences in the world, and times we had been affirmed or had struggled. We then discussed how we might be better allies for people in need of our support. We left feeling invigorated, and with our intentions set on being even more intentional and supportive in the new year. 
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Share Your Heart Poetry Day 2019

On October 15, our whole student body went to the Rock Point Center for our fourth annual participation in Sundog Poetry Center's "Share Your Heart, Share the World" poetry day. We were joined by three other Vermont schools in a day of poetry workshops, writing time, a presentation by local poet and artist Tina Escaja, and a reading of student work.
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Fairies and Demons: Creative Workshop

On Tuesday, September 17, local artist Emily Anderson brought her “Fairies & Demons Workshop” to Rock Point School. All of our students took part in this drawing workshop, which encouraged them to draw their ‘demons’, or challenges they face, as well as their ‘fairies’, or positive energies that they want to call toward them. In addition to giving students a platform to discuss what’s hard in their lives and what helps them through, they got to practice Emily’s signature drawing style, which involved drawing with their non-dominant hand. The technique allowed them to let go of the pressure to make their work perfect, and simply see what comes out when given a channel.
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A Night of Poetry with David Huddle and Rock Point Students

on September 28, 2017 By Abbey Baker | News Feed
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