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One-Act Plays 2020

plays 2019

After two playwriting workshops with local playwright Mary Beth McNulty, two students continued to edit and polish their plays for performance. We are thrilled to announce our One-Act play performance will take place on February 20th at 6:30 pm in our school library. 

Join us for a fun night of theater! Students will perform two original student written 10-minute plays and one by a professional playwright.

"The Toucan"
by Amaris (grade 11)
An overly confident British explorer comes face-to-face with a vicious (yet hilarious) toucan, who causes him to question his life's choices and ultimately go mad.

by Jeff (grade 11)
A glimpse into how things might have gone in the first day Christopher Columbus and his men landed on what they thought was India.

"DMV Tyrant"
by Christopher Durang
A weary customer at the DMV finally has his number called; now, if only the woman at Window 7 would put down her book and hear about his troubles.

Photos above are from the 2019 performances

Celebrating The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Last week we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. by holding three days of theatrical performances, discussions, readings, and more. On Wednesday, January 23rd, we went to see "We Shall Overcome" as part of the Flynn Theatre student matinee series. Students witness the powerful music of Damien Sneed and co., who sang traditional civil rights era spirituals, combined with the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Thursday, we spent the day reading King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail," discussing desegregation in Little Rock, and encountering current issues of race and civil rights through the lens of Ta-Nehisi Coates's "The Case for Reparations." Students took part in a school-wide discussion about our history with race, and what we can do in the present day to move things forward.

Finally, on Friday, we saw the play "Warriors Don't Cry," an original, one-woman play dramatizing Melba Patillo Beals’ searing memoir about the battle to integrate Little Rock’s central high school. Our students demonstrated their thoughtfulness, empathy, and motivation to make change throughout these discussions and events. Dismantling racism in our culture is more than just a one day or one week event and our students are already seeking ways to use their critical thinking skills and privilege to move their communities forward.

Photos from left to right: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Martin Luther King, Jr., Melba Patillo Beals

A Warm & Welcoming Open House


Thank you to everyone who came to the Open House! We had a great time meeting potential students and their families, chatting with trustees, catching up with former staff and alumni, and sharing all the Rock Point news with visiting professionals.

49432570581_021402137e_cWe especially want to thank True North Wilderness Program for sending five staff members to attend! We have loved visiting your program in Waitsfield, VT and it was wonderful to share ours with you. Several students and staff members were thrilled to see these familiar faces.



49434996423_e19cb70b2e_wEarlier in the day, we had a visit from Matt Woodhall from The Woodhall School in Connecticut. The Woodward School and Rock Point School are part of the "5 Under 50," a consortium of schools with under 50 students that are dedicated to spreading the word about the big impact small schools can have! 

Finally, we have to thank our students for opening their school (and home!) to everyone, making food, helping to set up, and sharing their experiences at Rock Point!

Open House Thursday January, 23rd

open house

You're invited to the Rock Point School Open House on Thursday January 23rd, 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Learn about our rich art program, dorm adventures, and our nurturing approach to academics. During this event you can:

  • Tour our school 
  • Meet teachers, residential staff, and students
  • Discover how you can fit in and stand out at Rock Point School
  • Eat snacks!
  • Activities will be available for younger kids

Rock Point School is located on a 130-acre campus on Lake Champlain with hiking trails, beaches, a maple sugaring program, gardens, and an apiary. 

Contact Hillary Kramer, Director of Admissions, with any questions or call the school at 802-863-1104. 

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Creating Inclusive School Communities

person-s-hands-with-paint-1428171On our first day back from winter break, Victoria Pearson, the Statewide Youth Organizer from Outright Vermont, came to work with students about creating inclusive school communities. Victoria described ways in which LGBTQ+ students are vulnerable to struggling in schools, and helped us discuss ways we can all be more aware and more inclusive. We discussed our own experiences in the world, and times we had been affirmed or had struggled. We then discussed how we might be better allies for people in need of our support. We left feeling invigorated, and with our intentions set on being even more intentional and supportive in the new year. 

The Face of Recovery

Justin Goulet presents at Rock Point School

The United State's Attorney for Vermont, Christina E. Nolan, is passionate about the opiate crisis. She has worked hard to create programs in our state that treat and prevent opiate addiction, as well as enforcing the laws. One of her goals is to get into the community and spread the message that recovery is possible and reduce the stigma that recovering addicts experience. Enter Justin Goulet.

Justin is a recovering heroin addict, a strength coach, and an athlete. Christina prosecuted him and helped him get placed in a long-term recovery program. Now, the two work together to talk to people about addiction and recovery. 

On Friday afternoon, December 13, Justin came to speak to the students and staff at Rock Point School.  Justin (Christina was sick) presented the PSA video that he and Christina made about their story.  He shared the raw truths of growing up feeling "alone and like he never belonged."  He addressed our students with the overall message that the decisions they make now will be important to what kind of adults they will become and the life that they will lead.  He stressed that he cannot change his past but he hopes to influence young people to avoid a situation like his. 

Students asked lots of questions and multiple students reported that meeting Justin was a really meaningful experience.   

You can watch Justin and Christina's powerful video below:


Holiday Celebration 2019

Before we left for our longest vacation of the year, we gathered to celebrate together. In the chapel, we sang holiday songs, shared stories and poems, and pondered how we can find light in the darkest part of the year. 
One student shared a story called "The Quiltmaker's Gift" about a generous quiltmaker who teaches a greedy King to appreciate the joy of giving. Another told a story of her family celebrating the Winter Solstice. Two more helped light the Menorah, while our resident cellist played for us through the whole service. Finally, C.J. shared a poem called "Small Kindnesses," by Danusha Laméris, which you can read below.
After a delicious dinner, it was time to exchange our Secret Santa gifts. The Senior Class transformed into a merry group of Santas and passed out some incredibly thoughtful gifts: a portrait of a beloved pet, a cutting from a cherished plant, a favorite sweet treat. 
These gifts of time and talent we share with one another illustrate what makes our small school so special: we build a community that nurtures and respects each student, we celebrate all that makes each student unique, and we create opportunities for each student to share their gifts with the people around them and often in ways they have never done before. There are challenges and vulnerabilities (we often hear "I don't know that person! I can't make anything good!), but with gentle and consistent encouragement, we gather in the school's library to share our gifts with each other. 
May we all share our unique gifts this holiday season. Happy Holidays and thank you for being a part of our community. 


Career Exploration: Veterinary Medicine

IMG_3053During their work with our college counselor or weekly meetings with their advisors, students explore who they've been, who they are now, and who they want to be.  There is a big focus on personal qualities and values, but students are also encouraged to explore potential career paths.  Staff can help them connect with professionals in the community. 

This week, a student visited Richmond Animal Hospital and got a guided tour by Michele Tulis, a veterinarian who ran a home practice for 35 years. The staff at the Animal Hospital were friendly and helpful.  They showed us x-rays and explained medical issues, and Michelle gave us a demonstration of a regular physical exam, on her adorable and wonderful dog Dobby.  Professionals spoke to us about their various paths to and through Vet Tech and Veterinarian training.  

T.R.Y. for the Environment!

IMG_20191204_160656This fall a group of students at Rock Point applied for and were accepted into Teens Reaching Youth for the Environment (TRY). The TRY program was developed by UVM Extension and their environmental partners, and the goal is to coach teens how to teach elementary students about environmental issues. Besides getting to learn a lot about a particular environmental issue, these students will be developing mentoring and leadership skills, while increasing environmental literacy and responsibility in younger kids.

On December 4, our TRY team got up before dawn to travel to the Green Mountain Tech Center in northern Vermont for our training day! Our group was selected to work on a water curriculum, and so we joined eight other school groups to learn all about the water cycle, watersheds, water quality and health, and aquatic life. The day was filled with information about the subject, but also strategies for teaching younger students, hands-on learning, and expectations for how to run a successful program. It was a long day, but an engaging one, and we returned to school excited to begin practicing and planning for our program lessons in the second semester!

Playwriting Workshops 2019


Working with the Vermont Young Playwrights' Project, Rock Point students have begun their journey toward writing and producing annual school plays. Students had the chance to work with local playwright Mary Beth McNulty for two full-day workshops this winter. In November they played acting games, learned the techniques of playwriting, and brainstormed ideas based on prompts from Mary Beth. Students left the workshop with the beginnings of their ten-minute plays in the works, and then worked with our English teacher, Abbey Baker, to make progress.

This week, they had their second workshop with Mary Beth, where they shared how the writing process is going, got feedback, and had the chance to hear their plays read aloud by their peers. Students will finish their plays in January, and then perform them for the public at Rock Point in February. Finally, in April, several of the plays will be performed by professional actors in the state-wide Vermont Young Playwrights' Festival at the Flynn Center. We are so grateful to be involved with the Vermont Young Playwrights, and look forward to putting on our plays!