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Valentine's Day Poem 2020

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | February 18, 2020

valentine 2020Each year our Head of School and his team of writers, including college counselor Emily Skoler and English Teacher Abbey Baker, compose a Valentine poem for the school. The tradition began twenty years ago with former Head of School, John Rouleau, writing a Valentine poem for the school with a rhyming couplet for each student. After John's retirement, C.J. kept the tradition alive. On Valentine's Day, C.J., Emily, Ryan, and Abbey performed the poem wearing appropriately silly Valentine garb. This tradition is a sweet way for us to share appreciations for our students and this year we followed it with sweet treats! You can read the introductory lines below or click here to read the full poem!


It’s that time again when we gather round,
And with our love for you make a poetic sound

We moon and swoon and get all rhymey
We get down on our knees until they’re grimey

We look into our hearts at the affection there dwelling
Which is often the source of all our kvelling

About RPS students and parents and babies and dogs.
If we listed all that we loved about you, t’would burst the catalogues

This is the day when Cupid’s arrows take aim
Inspiring even old enemies to set down their blame

Macs and PCs will walk down the aisle
Prosecutors and defense attorneys will hug after the trial

Coke vs. Pepsi: long gone are their rivalry tales
Instead, they’re taking out ads wishing each other high sales

Topics: Open & Inclusive