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Valentine Poem 2021

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | February 12, 2021

valentineblogEach year, members of our staff write a Valentine poem with a couplet for each student and member of the community. On an afternoon before Valentine's Day, C.J. and the admin team put on their finest Valentine-y fashions and read the poem for all to hear. This tradition started with former Headmaster, John Rouleau, and has continued with Abbey Baker (English teacher) and Emily Skoler (College Counselor) writing the verses.

This year's poem was performed over Zoom and projected into the dining hall for students after lunch. It's a testament to how this year has challenged us to be creative and find ways to stay connected, despite masks, social distance, and quarantines. If you'd like the read the full poem, click here. The video of C.J. (Head of School), Abbey, Emily, and Hillary (Director of Admissions) reading the poem can be seen below!

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