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Valentine's Day Poem 2019

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | February 15, 2019

1G4A1441Twenty years ago former Head of School, John Rouleau, started a tradition of writing a Valentine poem for the school with a rhyming couplet for each student. After John's retirement, C.J. has continued the tradition with help from Emily Skoler (guidance counselor) and Abbey Baker (English teacher). On Valentine's Day, they perform the poem wearing appropriately silly Valentine garb. This year's poem included rhymes about chess, coding, and baking! Read introductory lines below, or click here for the full poem.

Happy Valentine's Day, Rock Point School!

It’s that time again when we gather near

To express affection for those we hold dear


We pound our hearts; we swear our troth

We serve up lattes full of red, foamy froth


It’s a day when old foes set aside all previous animus

And behave with actions completely magnanimous


Those who love PCs and those who love Macs

Join forces in love to work on their hacks


Even the great rivals Moriarty and Holmes

Can be spotted in yoga class chanting synchronous Oms


So it’s time at Rock Point School to put another cheesy poem in motion

That we may recite to you our Valentine’s day devotion

Valentine group

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