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One Week Down!

Posted by CJ Spirito | September 22, 2020


We have been up and running for over a week now! Things look different, but our students are learning our safety protocols, and we are assessing and adjusting as necessary. We are impressed with how quickly they have adapted and how willing they are to help.

New students asked lots of good questions, engaged in conversation, and brought positive energy during Orientation. While the new students were in orientation, the returning students went on a hike up Mount Philo, one of the best low-investment high-yield hikes around here, and discussed hopes for the year and what effective leadership looks like. 

In Community Meeting students:

  • Played Trivia and laughed, goofed around, and had fun together.
  • Selected elective classes, which included yoga, civilized games, creative writing, and maker space.  
  • Reviewed the Incentive Log and the tier system, elements of our program that help motivate students to be engaged and follow through on expectations.
  • Reviewed and agreed to the Acceptable Use Policy for technology. 

Our "Quaranteens," three students staying at the Rock Point Conference Center, are in good spirits.  Their days are a mix of zoom time with classes, relaxing time at the conference center, and getting outside in safe distances - exploring the Point to get fresh air and exercise.  They will join the rest of the students as soon as their negative results arrive, hopefully in the next day or two.

Last Friday, students shared some of their highlights from their first week at school:

  • Many students peddled a 12-mile round trip to the Causeway in Colchester and back to RPS.  It was a gorgeous day for a ride with many breathtaking views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks.
  • One student said they were very comfortable and liked it here, almost surprisingly so.
  • Some students are feeling cold as Autumn and cooling temperatures continue to arrive. We are keeping windows open to allow more fresh air to circulate, making the air healthier and making it chilly.  
  • Enjoying classes. Enjoying time with each other.
  • The second floor spent the weekend with John and Haley at Mary’s house on pristine Lake Willoughby.

While the sailing isn’t always smooth (students are not psyched about one-way signs in the hallways), we are paying attention to each student, there are classes and activities for everyone, and we are off to a good start.

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