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Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | June 14, 2019


On June 8th, we held graduation for the class of 2019. These exceptional students inspired so many people to speak on their behalf during the ceremony, with moving stories of their growth, strength, and talents. We are forever grateful to their families for sharing these wonderful students with us.

Introducing the Class of 2019 (from left to right):

Sasha K. - In his two years at Rock Point, Sasha wanted to share his love of chess with as many people as possible and make genuine connections with peers and adults. This year he won the Vermont high school chess championship and will compete in the national tournament this summer! Sasha was an awesome member of our Maple Ambassadors crew, giving tours of our sugaring operation to elementary school children. We are glad he will be staying nearby as he continues his career in chess!

Josh D. - Josh came to Rock Point for his senior year and spent his time honing his academic skills, as well as his skills in the kitchen. Josh managed the menu and cooking for the art show and prom, demonstrating his excellent organizational abilities. Josh was a steady presence and a good friend to many at Rock Point. In the fall, Josh will be attending Flagler College in Florida.

Ian C. - Ian joined us for his senior year. Although he was only here for a year, he made a huge impact on the community: organizing school-wide reflections, teaching preschoolers about maple sugaring, and being a leader in the scuba and photography clubs. Next year, Ian is seeking adventure at the University of Jakarta in Indonesia.

Alex M. - Alex spent his last year and a half of high school at Rock Point. In his time, he created many works of art, from digital images to hand sewn jackets. He played guitar at nearly every event and stayed active skateboarding, snowboarding, and joining in on any activity. We are proud of Alex for his acceptance to Columbia College of Art and look forward to seeing what he will create next!

Jesse R. - Jesse came to Rock Point School as a sophomore and has grown several inches since then! He has participated in many school activities including writing two plays honored at the Vermont Young Playwright Festivals in 2018 and 2019, acting in plays, running the Vermont City Marathon, Scuba Club, and photography club. In the fall, Jesse will attend Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Rebecca P. - Rebecca joined Rock Point in the spring of 2018 and has contributed so much to our community, including participating in school plays and the trip to Mexico. Her passion for literature, her cheerful work in the kitchen, her sense of adventure, and her playful spirit will be missed. Rebecca has chosen to attend Lawrence University in the fall.

Calvin M. - For the past two years, you could hear Calvin playing music throughout the school. His kindness and steady friendship were a boon to students and staff. Calvin was a leader in the sugaring program as well as in the Burton Chill program. Next year, Calvin will be pursuing a career working with animals and exploring Vet Tech programs.

Allison Z. - Allison’s artwork decorates many rooms at Rock Point. In her three years at the school, Allison poured her creativity into crafts and art projects from painting to sewing. Allison was always willing to volunteer to help at any school event, and even took on a volunteer internship at Burlington City Arts this year. We will miss her greatly next year!

Ana S. - In her two and a half years at Rock Point, Ana explored the arts in stained glass, poetry, and black and white photography. She was dedicated to her academics, earning top academic awards each year and pursuing her academic interests beyond what was presented in class. Next year, Ana will be staying nearby and attending SUNY Plattsburgh!

Josh S. - Josh joined us in 2016 as a sophomore and  was a leader in the community. He participated in tending the Rock Point garden, open mic nights, Maple Sugaring, skiing and snowboarding, last year’s service-learning trip to Nicaragua, helping with admissions, and the Ultimate Frisbee team to name a few. Josh’s academic excellence also earned him a place at SUNY Plattsburgh next year!

Charlotte J. (not pictured) - Charlotte spent her last two years of high school at Rock Point, sharing her love of creative writing and poetry with us. She created zines and even inspired a zine making class! In addition to art and writing, Charlotte had a passion for social justice, which she shared with the school and with her internship at the Peace and Justice center. Next year, Charlotte is planning to attend Lesley University.

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