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The Face of Recovery

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | January 2, 2020

Justin Goulet presents at Rock Point School

The United State's Attorney for Vermont, Christina E. Nolan, is passionate about the opiate crisis. She has worked hard to create programs in our state that treat and prevent opiate addiction, as well as enforcing the laws. One of her goals is to get into the community and spread the message that recovery is possible and reduce the stigma that recovering addicts experience. Enter Justin Goulet.

Justin is a recovering heroin addict, a strength coach, and an athlete. Christina prosecuted him and helped him get placed in a long-term recovery program. Now, the two work together to talk to people about addiction and recovery. 

On Friday afternoon, December 13, Justin came to speak to the students and staff at Rock Point School.  Justin (Christina was sick) presented the PSA video that he and Christina made about their story.  He shared the raw truths of growing up feeling "alone and like he never belonged."  He addressed our students with the overall message that the decisions they make now will be important to what kind of adults they will become and the life that they will lead.  He stressed that he cannot change his past but he hopes to influence young people to avoid a situation like his. 

Students asked lots of questions and multiple students reported that meeting Justin was a really meaningful experience.   

You can watch Justin and Christina's powerful video below:


Topics: Open & Inclusive, Therapeutic