at Rock Point School

Summer Construction Projects

Posted by Mary Hamilton | July 28, 2022


“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” - Alan Watts, writer, speaker, philosophical entertainer

We are plunging into change and dancing at Rock Point this summer! We have all kinds of projects with our grand old building to make her more up-to-date. First, we received a grant and several donor gifts to replace ALL OF THE WINDOWS on the second and third floors, plus some windows in offices on the first floor! No more whistling winter breezes flowing through the rooms and hallways. Having done some significant rehabbing of the heating system last year (and continuing that work this summer), adding these energy-efficient windows will help keep us warm, lower our carbon footprint, and reduce our heating costs. 

In addition, we are adding a private bathroom on the second-floor residential hall. While the third-floor residential hall has had a private bathroom for a long time, this has been a real need on the second floor. This bathroom will help to make the living spaces feel more comfortable and safe for every student.

Finally, the kitchen storage room floor was no longer strong enough to hold our walk-in cooler and freezer safely. The floor is being replaced, the fairly ancient appliances have been removed, and new, more energy and space-efficient appliances will take their place. 

We are incredibly grateful to all of our donors for making these kinds of necessary upgrades possible. Your generosity has allowed us to make the building safer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient!


New concrete for the kitchen floor to support our new appliances!