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Reading Our History

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | August 10, 2016


Guest post by Cultivations instructor, Alex Gemme:

As part of our Cultivations class, we are exploring the history of Rock Point and learning about how the land has been used through the years. This week, we met the research specialist, Prudence, in the special collections section of the UVM Bailey Howe Library. We felt like we were entering the 'restricted' section of the library at Hogwarts, but more heavily guarded.  

Once inside, we all sat down around a table as Prudence pulled out endless maps, pictures and documents about Rock Point (or should we say Sharp Shin Point!) dating back to the 1830's!  We learned about the Episcopal Institute, the origins of Bishop Hopkins Hall, the 'playground' and much much more!  We spent an 1 1/2 hours passing photos around and digging into the history of this magical place.  Time flew and by the time we had to leave we really had only scratched the surface of all that has happened here on this land.  With invitations from Prudence, we have hopes to return and dig deeper, whether on our own or as a group!
The next morning we took a walk through the property, comparing photos from the collection to what we see on the land now.

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