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Joining the Global Climate Strike

Posted by Mari Dalton | September 24, 2019

climatestrike2019On Friday, September 20, Rock Point School students participated in the Global Climate Strike. This international day of protest against climate change and the inaction of global leaders was led by young people around the world and inspired by a 16-year-old Swedish climate activist named Greta Thunberg. Many Rock Point students advocated to be allowed to take the day to participate in Burlington's strike and, as a school, we decided the strike reflected our environmental and social values. The teaching staff made it possible for the entire student body to attend the strike, either as participants or observers.

The Rock Point student body walked and biked downtown to a discussion and information session, had a picnic lunch on the waterfront, and then joined in or witnessed the strike at Burlington’s City Hall. Whether students were actively demonstrating or observing the protest, it was a historic moment for climate protests and a remarkable example of youth-led activism. After returning from the strike, the school discussed the sources of power for change (i.e external, collective, and internal) and what some possible next steps might be for personal and institutional action against climate change.

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