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Science in Action

on December 16, 2020 By Mari Dalton | academics
Airflow Testing, COVID Protocols, and Energy Efficiency This fall, Rock Point School embarked on a project to evaluate the airflow in the school building. In this time of COVID-19, understanding the density of occupants in an area, how big our shared spaces really are, and how often the air in a room is replaced can be important for reducing the spread of COVID-19 in aerosols. It can also help us make the best choices for keeping our school well-ventilated and warm at the same time. Luckily, our school is filled with budding scientists and mathematicians who can appreciate the collection of this data!
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T.R.Y. for the Environment!

on December 12, 2019 By Mari Dalton | News Feed high school life skills
This fall a group of students at Rock Point applied for and were accepted into Teens Reaching Youth for the Environment (TRY). The TRY program was developed by UVM Extension and their environmental partners, and the goal is to coach teens how to teach elementary students about environmental issues. Besides getting to learn a lot about a particular environmental issue, these students will be developing mentoring and leadership skills, while increasing environmental literacy and responsibility in younger kids.
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CSI: Rock Point School

on October 4, 2019 By Mari Dalton | News Feed high school life skills
Most science classes include instruction in scientific methodology and discussion of the advantages this system of problem solving presents. However, it can be a challenge to keep this topic fresh and relevant. In Chemistry, our class has tackled scientific methodology from the ghoulish and fascinating perspective of toxicology.
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Joining the Global Climate Strike

on September 24, 2019 By Mari Dalton | News Feed
On Friday, September 20, Rock Point School students participated in the Global Climate Strike. This international day of protest against climate change and the inaction of global leaders was led by young people around the world and inspired by a 16-year-old Swedish climate activist named Greta Thunberg. Many Rock Point students advocated to be allowed to take the day to participate in Burlington's strike and, as a school, we decided the strike reflected our environmental and social values. The teaching staff made it possible for the entire student body to attend the strike, either as participants or observers.
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