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It's the end of the year as we know it ...

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | June 7, 2017


The end of the school year is always a bittersweet time for our community. Our days are filled with fun events, cleaning the school, packing our bags, and saying farewell. While both staff and students are looking forward to summer break (and Summer Session), we are sad to say goodbye to members of our community who are graduating, retiring, or moving on. One way we try to ease the stress of the transition is through many of our end-of-the-year traditional events. 

Here are few of the events happening this week (links are to photo albums of the events from last year):

Deep Clean (June 1, 2, 5) happens for three days as we work together to clean all the nooks and crannies of our building. Working together to take care of the space we have shared through the year is a way we build stewardship and a sense of teamwork as we close the year.

Amusement Park Day (June 4) at Six Flags in Lake George is our final weekend trip, filled with roller coasters, water slides, and lots of laughs.

The End-of-the-Year Camping trip (June 6-8) is our epic school-wide three day camping extravaganza in Lake Elmore. Students and staff can relax at the campsite, hike on the trails, or participate in a wide range of activities like driving go-carts, swimming, going to a spa, or playing Frisbee golf. At the end of the trip, we have a feast including steak, lobster, and veggie sushi, followed by the Rock Ceremony. This special ceremony is an opportunity for each member of the community to speak from the heart to another individual. We ask students to acknowledge someone that might not be their best friend, but who they still appreciate. It's one of the most memorable events of the year and brings lots of tears, hugs, and laughter.

Night of Recognition (June 9) happens the night before graduation. Teachers and staff acknowledge all the hard work our students have put into the year - from academic awards to sports awards to recognitions for personal growth.  The night ends with a slide-show of photos from throughout the year.

Graduation (June 10) is a Quaker-style ceremony. Anyone who feels moved to speak, can share something with the graduates. This leads to a beautiful and moving morning that is truly unique to Rock Point. Graduation is free and open to the public, so come join us if you want to see what Rock Point is all about!


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