Learn, explore, and discover with Rock Point School this summer!

Rock Point School summer session offers a chance for a fun, healthy summer and an interdisciplinary approach to learning, both in and out of the classroom. Join us for Summer Session 2021 on campus. We are excited to share all that Vermont has to offer in the summertime!

Summer Session July 5 - August 13, 2021

Our regular six-week Summer Session will begin on July 5th! The summer consists of outdoor adventures as well as a chance to earn credit in areas of interest. In the morning, students have the opportunity to explore elective choices like gardening, sports or physical activities, arts and crafts, or work on earning academic credit. 

During the week, we will also go on expeditions around Vermont, learning about the history, culture, and economy of our state, while also exploring the natural beauty. This summer we will be focused on exploring all the outdoor adventures Vermont has to offer, from lakes and rivers to alpaca farms to quarries.

Our summer session is an excellent way to have a fun and productive summer, and get a taste of what Rock Point School is all about. It’s a great mix of new and returning students that quickly develops its own close-knit sense of community.

As of Winter 2021, all travelers from outside of Vermont are required to quarantine. Therefore, prior to Summer Session June 25 - July 5th, students who have traveled from out of state will be offered "quarantine" on campus. This means students will have daily outdoor activities and will be doing remote activities via Zoom. After receiving negative COVID tests, students can begin regular summer session activities. 

Students who live within less than a day's drive, are welcome to quarantine at home. All students are required to take a COVID test and receive negative results before arrival. Updated information on travel and quarantine for Vermont can be found here.

Ready to join the Rock Point School online summer session? Check out our Summer Session Applicants page for what to do next.

See you in the summertime!