at Rock Point School

Energy Work and Stress Relief Workshop

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | March 20, 2017


Sam Slottow, an RPS graduate, and her parents, Marie and Tim, came to present on energy work and how it can help relieve stress and anxiety.  Marie became interested in energy healing when Sam was struggling in early adolescence. She began studying different techniques, such as Qi gong and Reiki, and became certified in several different kinds of Energy Medicine. Sam began to use energy healing techniques to help her cope with anxiety and created a daily energy healing ritual. We were so lucky to have them come present to our students and staff and share their experiences!

For many of the students, the experiment using hands as conductors of electricity to power a light was the most fun, while others plan to implement some of the Energy Medicine techniques to help them decrease stress and gain focus. Many of the exercises were easy to do, and students left with some concrete suggestions that may help them.

Thanks again to the wonderful Slottow family! It was so generous of them to visit and share their knowledge with us.


Topics: anxiety