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Alumna Pamela Rae Schuller Performs at New York City Center

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | November 10, 2022

Pop-Up Magazine Performance

When we heard that Pamela Rae Schuller '05 was going to perform with Pop-Up Magazine at the New York City Center, we knew we had to be there. Pamela is a disability advocate, comedian, and professional speaker who has worked with big companies like Disney and Google and opened for performers such as Joan Rivers and Fetty Wap. When we discovered that she would tell stories about her years at Rock Point School for the Pop-Up Magazine tour, we bought tickets and invited friends! 

The Pop-Up Magazine show is titled "Love Stories," and in it different performers explore love from all angles. Performers include poet Sarah Kay, singer/songwriter Victoria Canal, and writer/comedian Ryan O'Connell. Each piece features illustrations or animations and original music. Pamela's "Sorry, Not Sorry" started the show! She began by sharing apology letters she wrote in her time at Rock Point School, including one to former Head of School, John Rouleau. Ultimately, Pamela's story is about learning to love yourself, and in typical Pammy fashion, it is hilarious, poignant, and incisive.

C.J. Spirito, Head of School, traveled to New York on Wednesday to meet with the greater RPS community before the performance. C.J. was thrilled to catch up with alums Mae Solomon ‘17, Perry Solomon (parent) ‘17, Chris Gupta ‘01, Danielle Scott ‘01, and Carson Roberts ‘22. Former residential staff Liza Marcato also joined the gathering with friends of RPS Beth Green, Asher Lehrer-Small, Eli Hulse, Kelly Butts-Spirito, and Laura Hibbler.

If you'd like to see the Pop-Up Magazine show, they will be in Atlanta on November 15th and Nashville on November 17th!



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