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New Elective Class: Make-Up and Hair Design

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | September 22, 2023


Each year, our teachers work with students to offer electives that appeal to their interests. This fall, our English teacher, Kristy, collaborated with a group of students to create a Makeup and Hair Design Elective, in part to prepare for our school play this spring and, in part to offer a new avenue for creative expression at school.

Students worked with Kristy to pick a theme for each week. Throughout the week, they work to develop their “look” to go with the theme, with their final look revealed on Friday. For example, this week, the theme was alternative, which included many different looks, like punk, goth, or emo, depending on how the student interpreted the challenge. Friday is the big “go-for-it day” where the attire, hair, and makeup are put together and anyone else at school can join in the challenge. The new theme of the week will be decided together as a group each Friday. Possible choices for themes are Regency, crazy hair day, decades, carnival, KPop, and many more.

This elective has been a fun way for students to bond and get creative in a very tactile way. Students are excited to spend time developing their technique and expanding their knowledge of make-up and hair design. We can’t wait to see the looks our students create!

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