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Hot hot heat: Marathon 2016

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | May 31, 2016


As temperatures were predicted to rise over Memorial Day weekend, our Vermont City Marathon relay team kept up their training and focused on hydrating. On the morning of the marathon, race organizers made the decision to stop the race if temperatures (and humidity) rose above 82 degrees. With four staff members on various relay teams, plus a student relay team in the race, we were hoping the weather would cooperate. Student volunteers manned a water station at mile 25, hoping to keep runners cool and hydrated in their last mile. Our five person student team trained with Junior Milers from Run Vermont for twelve weeks and they knew they wanted to finish, regardless of the weather. Micah (grade 12), Alekya (grade 12), AJ (grade 11), Eli (grade 10), and Tim (grade 11) finished with a time of 4:27:08 - just before they called off the race due to heat! We are so proud of our team and our participating staff members for persevering and training so hard.