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Goodbye Lonnie!

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | August 31, 2017

IMG_7489-386822-edited.jpgToday was Lonnie's last day as our Office Administrator! We celebrated Lonnie in staff meetings, with a classic Rock Point kazoo choir playing the graduation song. In typical Lonnie style, she did not want a big flashy gift (even though she deserves one!), but we will honor her with a garden in front of the school. A.J. (class of 2017) painted a rock to decorate the garden with Lonnie's name. Additionally, we put together a scrapbook with letters from students and families through the year. 

Lonnie has been the heart of our school for 42 years and we know we will miss seeing her everyday! If you would like to send Lonnie a note to put in her scrapbook, please send it to C.J. 

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