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A Poem for Friends

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | June 9, 2022

52117895630_c3ab900e02_cCharlie, reading his poem with a little help from a friend.

At graduation, Charlie D. (rising senior) shared a poem he wrote in honor of his friends and friendship in general. The poem captures the small gestures and moments that create deep and meaningful connections. We are so grateful Charlie shared the poem at graduation and agreed for us to publish it here!

by Charlie D.

I love you I love you I love you.
I made you a tape with the track from your favorite movie because it is your birthday and I want to see you smile. I drew the cover for you. It is purple and blue and slightly messy in my neat way and I colored it in as well as I could. The last track is slightly messed up and I can redo it if you would like, but I wanted you to have it now so that you know I love you. 

I made you a cake but I put in extra butter because I know you like it when it's moist. It's red velvet, I almost did chocolate because they are the same thing but I know that the red velvet is your favorite and you would likely very much disagree. I put on toothpicks instead of candles. I am sorry that it's not lit but I love you. 

I found this sweater at a garage sale and It was too small and a little scratchy but I think it is something you would wear so I bought it anyway. You could wear it over a shirt if you don't like the fabric. Here, I will hold the door while you try it on. It's okay if you don't like it, I will love you anyway

I picked this flower from the grass outside because it is the same color as your eyes.

 I'm busy. I'm writing but yes I will look at your pictures and your art. I will hear your essay and I will listen to your poems and your music. I will sit as you read every stanza, and comment on all the best parts. Because you are awesome and creative and I don't want you to stop because it is beautiful but I really do need to finish my work. 

I listen to your favorite podcast every day and try to get through as much as I can so that we can listen to the best bits together. I know that you love it when we share interests so I will watch all this show even if it means I lose a little bit of my sanity. Your interests are so cool and I am sorry that anyone ever told you otherwise, and I am sorry that I can't always listen but I try, and I am sorry that I do not like the Midnight Gospel but I assure you it would be very cool if it didn't hurt me just a little too much. 

My arm is falling asleep but I will let you rest just a little bit longer because you are so tired and you never do get enough sleep and I love you.



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