at Rock Point School

The Magic of Gift Giving

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | December 22, 2016

SecretSanta2016.jpgOne of the sweetest traditions we have this time of year is the tradition of exchanging gifts. In our community, we participate in a Secret Santa exchange. Every staff member, every student, and some members of our extended community draws a name before November break, giving them a month to plot and plan what they will do for their gift recipient. The magic of this is that it brings our community together. People often draw the name of someone they may not be close to, but in our tradition, they secretly investigate what their recipient may like. Many students make personal gifts for their Secret Santa in their art class or in their spare time.  The care and kindness that is on display when gifts are exchanged are a testament to the thoughtful nature of our community. 

Topics: Open & Inclusive