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Sharing Memories at Reunion 2020

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | June 22, 2020

“I remember all of it. I take it all with me in my life ... I was remade because of RPS.” - Lou Laramy, class of 1983

On Saturday, June 13, over fifty members of the Rock Point School community came together on Zoom to share memories, tell stories, and catch up with each other. The afternoon began with C.J. Spirito, current Head of School, sharing highlights from his 40 years at Rock Point, first as a dorm counselor, then as Dean, and finally as head of school. Russ Ellis (Headmaster 1969-1992) also spoke about his time as Head, followed by John Rouleau (Teacher 1971-1992, Headmaster 1992-2011). Ryan Weiland, Dean of School, spoke about her memories as a Residential Educator in the early 2000’s and how they inform her work as the Dean today. Lonnie Edson, our longtime Office Administrator, also shared her favorite memories from working in the front office for over 40 years. 

We then split up into smaller groups based on when people attended or worked at Rock Point School. In these groups, alumni shared their favorite Rock Point School activities - from making syrup before we had a sugar house to the first years of Burton Chill's learn to snowboard program. Playing music with staff members was also a favorite memory for many alumni, as well as remembering popular games like "Zap."

Former staff members Laura Slesar, Erika Gimble, Liza Rixon, Liza Marcato, and Charlotte Blend (Miller) also joined the groups. Erika, who is now working as a Psychotherapist in NYC, said, "I learned everything I needed to know about being a therapist at Rock Point School. I learned how to help people move their lives forward." Liza Marcato, who is now a priest, shared, "RPS helped me become who I am. I learned how to be a person, and live in community with other people through the ups and downs."

It was awesome to hear what alumni are doing now! Here are a few updates from alumni at the reunion:

Dave Zellif (Class of 1990) is living in Boone, NC and working as a tech writer. Currently, he's taking care of his elderly parents.

Chris Gupta (Class of 2001) left the Marine Corps in 2011 and has been working in Construction Management in New York City. 

Pamela Schuller (Class of 2005) is doing stand-up comedy and is working with a Teen Mental Health group in New York City. During the pandemic, she has become a Zoom stand-up expert!

Emily Goodman (Class of 2006) has a dog training business in California and just bought a house!

John Farnsworth (Class of 2007) is working as a school-based speech and language pathologist in Southern Vermont.

Micah Hirshman (Class of 2015) graduated from UNC and has been working in Youth Sports as a soccer coach in afterschool programs and YMCA camps.

“I honestly think that I could never have had these amazing experiences [like traveling to Nepal] if I didn’t go to RPS. I don’t know who I would have been” - Clare, RPS student 2016-2017

Here is the slideshow we shared at the reunion!

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