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School's IN for Summer

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | July 8, 2016


We are wrapping up our first week of Summer Session 2016 and it has been a full one! Students have spent time getting to know one another, playing, and learning together. On the first morning of Cultivations Class, students took a "fox walk" around the property. Fox walking is a mindfulness practice that helps you tune into the sounds of the woods and be present in the moment. We've also been working on our carving skills in Cultivations, making eating utensils from sumac wood.

On Wednesdays during Summer Session, Gus (history teacher), will be taking students on field trips around the state to learn about history, culture, agriculture, and geography. This week, students toured the Burlington area, exploring various architectural styles from Victorian houses to Greek columns.

This weekend, students are taking off to Lake George and to Six Flags. It should be a fun weekend of swimming and roller coasters!


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