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Alyssa Barrett

Alyssa is a Residential Educator from Montpelier, Vermont. She loves the outdoors, being physically active, making art, and traveling.

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Running in the Time of Coronavirus

on May 24, 2020 By Alyssa Barrett | Motivation
C.J., Jeanine, and Alyssa getting in their miles around Vermont During a typical year in Burlington, the last Sunday in May is reserved for the Vermont City Marathon. It’s one of the city’s largest events, drawing thousands of people for 26.2 miles of celebration. The marathon is known for its joyous, inclusive atmosphere. You can run the whole thing, run half as a relay pair, or run a leg on relay teams of up to five people. This flexibility means the marathon is filled with dedicated die-hards and weekend warriors alike. You’ll see Boston hopefuls and young kiddos all on the same course, and this community atmosphere brings everyone—from runners to spectators—together for a whole lot of fun and camaraderie.
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