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Summer Session Week Three

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | July 27, 2020


Remote Summer Session has been running for three weeks! It has been impressive to see the creativity and commitment our community brings to the remote session, both academically and socially. Here are a few highlights from the week:

  • In the morning meeting, Ryan (Dean of School, right photo) engaged students with board games like Scattergories and a "Match Game." Finding games to play over Zoom has been a fun challenge, and the payoff has been lots of laughs to start the day.
  • During "Academic Hangout," students and staff composed found poems (example posted below) using Russel Edson's poem "Metals Metals." 
  • Students taking English for credit read stories by Margaret Atwood and Kurt Vonnegut before starting to write an original dystopian tale.
  • Hans, our math teacher (middle photo), continued his "Under the Trees" activities. This week students wrote about their tree using scientific terms, then used poetic words to describe their tree. They discussed the merits of using different kinds of language for different purposes.
  • Abbey, our English teacher (left photo), ran a workshop on writing a college application essay, and one rising senior was able to complete her first draft!

While we miss having students swimming, hiking, and gardening on campus, this Summer Session has been full of creativity and camaraderie, despite the distance. We are looking forward to welcoming our students onto our campus in September!

Found poem


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