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Bees, Blue holes, and Buddies: Bahamas 2017

Posted by Molly Huddle Coffey | March 14, 2017


Our group set off to the Bahamas from frigid Burlington, spent the night in Boston with a student's family, and landed in 80 degree weather on February 25th! Shortly after their arrival, they traveled to South Andros by tiny prop plane, where they spent the week. Students spent time at South Andros High School, where they learned about their agricultural program which includes hydroponic systems (drip and water culture), one bee hive, 300 chickens, six goats, and a 10 lbs cabbage. Rock Point students and staff helped set up some bee frames and the new honey extractor at the school, while getting to know some students.

One of our travelers described South Andros this way, "The thing that surprised me most was the lack of hotels on the Island. It felt like we were visiting an authentic place. Not a resort area so much as a cultural excursion. We were welcomed as family, by the school we visited, and in every interaction we had on the Island."

Other adventures on the trip included traveling inland to visit three blue holes (large marine caverns or sink holes), which included bushwhaking to get to one! Students jumped from the ledge to swim in the blue holes, which contain a mixture of fresh and brackish water. Students also explored the open water, taking a boat out to snorkle along the coral reefs. 

We are so lucky to have a relationship with South Andros High School and hope we can have their students come to visit us in Vermont. It was an amazing experience for our students to learn about a different climate and culture, while taking advantage of all the exciting activities available on the island!

You can see more photos from the trip here.