Applying to Rock Point School

Finding just the right school for a student ensures the best chance for success. Our application process is personal, to make sure that Rock Point is the right school for you.

Most of our students start at Rock Point in September, but admissions are on a rolling basis year-round. We bring students in when they are most ready to be here. Our staff is adept at helping students jump right on board and get involved and engaged with our program. 

Below is some helpful information on how to apply our school. To Apply for Summer Session download the application on our Summer Session page.

How to Apply

Step One: Email or call to speak with our Admissions Department

Because our admissions process is so personal, the best way to start is with a conversation - either on the phone or by email. This allows us to share information about Rock Point School and helps us learn about the student, their needs, and whether our school might be a good fit.  Our admissions director, Hillary Kramer, can be reached at (802) 863-1104, x 112, or

Step Two: Submit an Application

If Rock Point School looks like a good option, please fill out either the Rock Point School Application Form or the SAO (Standard Application Online) and return it with the requested documentation, including the Release of Information Form. Your choice of application has no bearing on the admissions decision. In terms of the Release, please list teachers, guidance counselors, and, if appropriate, a therapist who we can contact. There is a $75 application fee.

Step Three: Schedule a tour and interview

To schedule a tour or interview, contact our Director of Admissions, Hillary Kramer ( or our Admissions Associate Laura Abrams ( or call (802) 863-1104 x112. Tours and interviews are available Monday through Friday to give visitors and opportunity to see classes in action, and meet teachers and students.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all visitors are asked to wear masks on campus. If it is more convineint for you, we are able to conduct your interview over video chat (Google, Skype, or Zoom). 

Timing of the admissions decision

Generally, an admissions decision takes about 1-2 weeks after receiving the complete application and having the interview. We make decisions on a rolling admissions basis. To read our Non-Discrimination and Enrollment Policy, click here.

International Applicants

Having students from around the world come to our school enhances our community. When they join us, these students are immersed in American culture and provided the support and structure of a small, caring school. 

To apply, please fill out our general application and provide us with your TOEFL scores. The application fee is $150 due to the extra costs of phone calls and mailings outside the United States. Contact Hillary Kramer, Admissions Director, at with any questions.

Post-Grad Applicants

Our Post-Grad Year program is open to students who have recently received their high school diploma and who are looking for an opportunity to build key skills in a supportive community. For more information, visit our Post-Grad page.

To apply, please follow the general application process shown above and contact Hillary Kramer at with any questions.

Admissions Forms

Rock Point School Application

Release of Information Form

If you prefer, we also accept the Standard Application Online.







We think Rock Point is just the right size – big enough to offer more opportunities than my daughter previously had but still small enough to foster a close-knit community.

~ Parent