An overview of our art curriculumart show

The Art offerings at Rock Point School include hands-on studio art curriculum inspired by artists, creative movements, and time periods in Art History. The goals of the Art Program are to expose students to the development of art and ideas about art through time; to teach students how to use and care for various art materials and supplies; and to allow and encourage students to connect with their creative instincts. All students work on building a portfolio from their first day in class, both as a record of their own development as artists as well as for those who aspire to go to art school.

For some samples of the art created at Rock Point School, check out our online portfolio of student art.

Foundations in Art, I & II:

This course includes 2D and 3D design, and will enable the student to develop an understanding of the following:

  • the fundamentals of art – basic skills of the art making process with a variety of mediums,
  • the language of art – the names of different mediums, techniques, and art- making processes
  • the role art history has played in art styles and culture.

Students in these classes will look closely and engage in hands-on projects based on various artists, including Andy Goldsworthy, Swoon, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol, amongst others. Students will also research artists based on personal interest and direction your art is gravitating towards. There are several group projects in addition to individual assignments.

Some of the things students can look forward to:

  • Working with natural materials
  • Pen and Ink
  • Screen Printing
  • Block Printing
  • Mixed media
  • Recycled Art
  • Watercolor painting
  • Acrylic painting

Portfolio Development, I & II:

Portfolio Development is a mixed curriculum with a focus on observation work, covering traditional drawing, collage, painting, watercolor, printing techniques, and an introduction to nontraditional mixed-media and upcycled art. The course includes working in a sketchbook, in and out of class, freely and with sketchbook assignments. This class offers an opportunity for students who have an affinity for the visual arts and are eager to experience more art education, as well as an opportunity for students pursuing art school or an arts concentration in college to work on portfolio requirements and fill in possible gaps in their studio art education.

Every Fall, Art School Admissions representatives are invited to present details about the process of applying to art school and talk about the opportunities available with a BFA degree. From financial aid and portfolio requirements, to careers in the arts and sharing artwork created by students currently enrolled in their school’s programs, the representatives are available to answer students’ questions and review portfolios, offering valuable feedback to students.

 Additional goals of the Art Program are as follows:

  • to give students a written and visual vocabulary with which they can communicate about art
  • to help students connect the world of art to the ideas and themes in other parts of the curriculum
  • to provide time and space for students to develop their skills and techniques
  • to help students develop and maintain a well rounded portfolio
  • to help integrate students’ lives and interests with the wider community through displaying their art both at school and in the community
  • to provide time for, and to encourage, students’ participation in community art activities.