Healthy Living

The personal, emotional and social wellbeing of a student is as important as his or her achievement in the classroom. In everyday life at Rock Point School, students explore their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Through work crews, study halls in the evening, and all kinds of fun activities, students to learn to manage their time and find a healthy balance between work and play. Our activities in the dorm are geared toward art and culture, outdoor recreation, and community service.

Students come to Rock Point School with varying experiences of independence, of taking care of themselves and the things around them. Each student has an advisor that helps him or her focus on healthy living––from acquiring basic skills such as doing laundry to navigating complexities in friendships.

Often in this very nuanced and advanced world, taking care of oneself can seem complex, but we keep teaching and checking in with students about the basics of self-care: getting enough exercise, getting enough rest, paying attention to nutrition, and having healthy ways to relax and de-stress.

We also have an evening Wellness class. The class is a space to explore issues relating to the care of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. During the class students will learn about wellness, develop critical thinking skills around health issues, attend talks and workshops, and absorb information that they can use for years to come. Teenagers have to make daily decisions (about nutrition, relationships, and more) that affect their health and their sense of themselves. Wellness class, in addition to all of the formal and informal mentoring in the school program, helps them become more educated decision-makers, now and in the future.