Being Active

We encourage students to be active in ways that are fun and engaging for them. We run sports classes four days a week from 3:45pm to 5:00pm. Students choose between the option of a walk or hike, and something more active such as basketball, soccer, hockey, dodgeball, sledding, snowshoeing, or frisbee.  In recent years we have also offered yoga classes in the school.  Students are encouraged to participate, try new activities, and cheer on their peers.

We love to incorporate being active into our daily lives outside of sports class as well! On weekends, there are often options for students go biking, skiing, or hiking. Because our school is on a beautiful lake, we love to go kayaking or canoeing too! From snowboarding to sledding, we keep the activities rolling through the winter. One of our goals at Rock Point is to help students make being active a habit – and a fun one!

Here is a video of a couple students who designed a ski/snowboard jump in our backyard as a way to get in a couple runs in between classes.