How to Apply

Step One: Check out our website

Viewing the photos and text of our website is a good first step. It gives you a virtual window into our school.

Step Two: Call to speak with our Admissions Director

If, after looking at the Rock Point School site, you are interested in getting more information, please call or email us for an admissions packet or to schedule a visit. This would be a good time to talk about your child, his or her needs, and whether Rock Point School might be a good fit. Rock Point School uses a rolling admissions process. Our admissions director, Hillary Kramer, can be reached at (802) 863-1104, x 112, or

Step Three: Schedule a tour and interview

We would love to have you come for a visit! Please call to schedule an interview and tour, and be ready to spend about three hours with us. If a student would like to shadow the program, an extended interview, lasting a day or two, can be arranged. (Please note that we don’t have visiting students stay with us overnight, so please plan to have your child stay in a local hotel with you.)

Step Four: Submit an application

If Rock Point School looks like a good option, please fill out our application form and return it with the requested documentation, such as the Release of Information Form, a complete transcript, and copies of any appropriate testing. There is a $50 application fee. If you wish, you may submit the application before scheduling a visit.

Step Five: Timing of the admissions decision

Generally, an admissions decision takes about one week after receiving the complete application and having the interview. We make decisions on a a rolling admissions basis.