stained glassWhy Art?

Education in the arts is a critical part of Rock Point School. Most students take an art class as part of the core curriculum, often in addition to an elective class based in the arts. We do this because we believe that the arts are a powerful tool for education in general, and especially for the kind of education we seek to do at Rock Point School.

Building Knowledge and Skills

Art education helps students develop not only their knowledge and skills in the arts, but also their self-knowledge and social skills. The arts provide a forum for safe expression, communication, exploration, imagination, and cultural and historical understanding. The skills and experience that students develop by learning to perform, create, and respond to works of art provides another form of literacy. Students’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills are enhanced, adding to overall academic and personal success.

Developing Confidence and Expression

For some students art is what fuels them, enriching their days. For others, it is a new way of expressing themselves and pushes them to try something outside their comfort zone. Regular participation in the arts develops self-confidence, self-discipline, persistence, and the knowledge of how to make multiple revisions to create high quality work. Due to the collaborative nature of art, students develop crucial skills in cooperative decision-making, leadership, clear communication, and complex problem solving while working with others.

Reaching a Broad Range of Learning Styles

Artistic endeavors and creative assignments inherently lend themselves to differentiated instruction, which allows students with varied learning styles to seamlessly adapt their assignments. Without being “instructed,” students have choices that encourage setting individual goals in a challenged-by-choice environment. Students have more input throughout the creative process, resulting in a greater margin for a student to experience success in an academic setting. In addition to a rewarding outcome and a self-esteem building experience, these students are learning how to be successful with their strengths and challenges. This is the basis of practicing resourcefulness.