Staff Directory

To email a staff member, please use their first initial and their last name For example, Beth Anderson would be

The school phone number is (802) 863-1104. Below you will find extensions for various staff and departments. If the staff member you would like to contact does not have an extension, please leave a message at the main school number and we will be in touch ASAP!

Name Position Phone number
Laura Abrams Admissions Associate 802-863-1104 x 129
Abbey Baker English Teacher 802-863-1104 x 125
Alyssa Barrett Residential Educator 802-863-1104 x 117
Gus Buchanan History Teacher  802-863-1104 x 115
David Boggs School Nurse 802-863-1104 x 118
Molly Huddle Coffey  Director of  Marketing  802-863-1104 x 128
Michael Coleman  Tutor  
Mari Dalton  Science Teacher 802-863-1104 x 114
Kevin Douglas Director of Food Services 802-863-1104 x 113
Marsi Foster Special Educator  
Jeanine Garella Residential Educator 802-863-1104 x 117
Mariah Kelley Residential Educator 802-863-1104 x 117
Hillary Kramer Director of Admissions  802-863-1104 x 112
Hans Manske Math Teacher & Tech Specialist 802-863-1104 x 120
Collin O'Leary Head of Residential Program 802-863-1104 x 117
Mo Reilly Director of Community Development 802-863-1104 x 110
Emily Skoler College Counselor 802-863-1104 x 122
C.J. Spirito Head of School 802-863-1104 x 126
Chris Howell Director of Finance  802-863-1104 x 121
Jean Waltz Art Teacher 802-863-1104 x 127
Ryan Weiland Dean of School 802-863-1104 x 123
Zachary Whiting Residential Educator 802-863-1104 x 117