Evening & Weekend ActivitiesEvening & Weekend Activities

Study Hall

Evening study halls run for an hour from 7:30pm – 8:30pm and are supervised by the dormitory staff. The computer lab is open, and students can get help from staff to organize and complete homework assignments.

Free Time

Students can spend their open time (any time when they are not supposed to be at meals, work crew, detention, or study hall) up in their rooms or in any of the recreational spaces around the building.  There is a game room with a pool table and a video projection system, a student lounge with board games, books, and puzzles.  There are also many other places around the building that become relaxing spaces when class it not in session.  Students are also allowed limited access to the property during open time.

Weekends And Activities

The dorm staff share their love for outdoor adventure and the arts, as well as just hanging out with students. Every weekend there are a range of activities, such as skiing, hiking, biking, cooking meals, attending art shows, poetry slams, music concerts, and plays. We also go on trips to Montreal and Boston, backpacking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, whitewater rafting on the Hudson River, and deep sea fishing in Maine. Some of our more unusual activities have included poetry readings at a local coffee shop on a late Saturday evening, cooking a themed meal together, and the ever popular thrift store scavenger hunt.  On weekends, students can sleep in, with brunch available at noon. On weekend nights, the students head upstairs by 11:20 pm.

Weekends And Activities     Weekends And Activities