An overview of our academic program.

The Academic Program at Rock Point School is a college-preparatory program that focuses on helping students in the following ways:

  • to develop critical thinking skills and problem solving skills
  • to develop clear and genuine expression of their ideas, questions, and feelings, and to be able to articulate these through writing, speaking, and artistic endeavors
  • to become increasingly sophisticated readers
  • to explore a wide variety of literature, art, mathematical knowledge, scientific knowledge, and knowledge about history
  • to understand their intellectual strengths and challenges, as well as their strengths and challenges in terms of forming good working relationships with teachers and peers.
  • to develop communication skills and self-advocacy skills related to their educational aspirations, needs, and interests
  • to improve learning skills and study skills
  • to become skilled, confident learners
  • to prepare for the challenges of college-level academics

Students take classes based on their grade level. The freshman and sophomore year curricula focus on the foundational skills that support more lengthy and intensive reading and writing assignments of the junior and senior years. Because classes are small in size (5-13 students), teachers come to know students’ strengths and needs well, and teachers work with students to challenge them at appropriate levels. One student’s assignment might be modified to reduce the length of a written piece, while another student’s assignment might be supplemented with additional reading and/or writing requirements.

Students grow as learners at Rock Point School. Students who have typically enjoyed and excelled at intellectual and academic challenges find teachers (and residential educators) with whom they can have extended, intricate conversations about curriculum topics and the world at large. Students who would like to enjoy academic challenges but who need support around a mild learning disability or gaps in prior education find teachers who will support their learning needs so that their intelligence and hard work can earn deserved success.

You can view a more detailed look at curriculum offerings by grade and by subject by clicking on the links to the left.

Here is a video highlighting a favorite part of our place-based curriculum, the maple sugaring program: