Beautiful Building


Every day at Rock Point School, students face and overcome new challenges, learn about the world and themselves, and work together to have fun and grow, individually and as a community. This is a wonderful school full of creative, interesting, determined students. I invite you to visit us and experience Rock Point School for yourself.
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The Academic Program at Rock Point School is a college-preparatory program that focuses on helping students grow as learners. Students can have extended, intricate conversations about curriculum topics and the world at large with teachers. Students who need support around a mild learning disability or gaps in prior education find teachers who will support their learning needs so that their intelligence and hard work can earn deserved success.
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Life at RPS

As a student at Rock Point School, you will live in a vibrant and interesting community.  The dorm staff all have experience working with young people and have lived varied and adventurous lives before coming to Rock Point School which they bring to their work with the students.  They seek, on a daily basis, to help the students embrace opportunities to learn about themselves, how to relate to others, and how to get where they want to be in the world.
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