Head of School’s Welcome

A message from C.J. Spirito

Greetings and Welcome to Rock Point School

On this website you will find information about Rock Point School so that you can begin to explore and learn about our wonderful community.  Every day at Rock Point School, students face and overcome new challenges, learn about the world and themselves, and work together to have fun and grow, individually and as a community.

I have worked at Rock Point School for twenty-two years and every single day presents a new and different experience.  I am proud to work with creative, individual students, who are so willing to take risks, as they explore the second chance they have been given at Rock Point School. I am also proud to count myself among a staff that is dedicated, hard-working, fun, and passionate.

This website presents information about the academic program, the residential program, and the community in general.  I would like to invite you to visit us and experience Rock Point School for yourself in real, not virtual, time.   This is a wonderful school full of creative, interesting, determined students who are working hard pursuing a new direction in their lives.   Please come and meet us and see if this school is the right place for you to do the same.

Yours sincerely,


C.J. Spirito

Head of School